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The sexy is airbrushed!

Lee Minwoo Covers EXO’s “Growl” in Perfect Style


Lee Minwoo Covers EXO’s “Growl” in Perfect Style


Lee Minwoo, member of the legendary K-pop group Shinhwa, kicked off his solo tour in Seoul with a pair of concerts held on May 24 & 25. The 2014 M+TEN TOUR ‘M STEP’ had several special stages including a guest appearance from Eric for the performance of Minwoo’s most recent single “Taxi”. One stage that everyone is talking about is his cover of EXO‘s “Growl”! The song was rearranged to give it a…

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MStep2014  |  cr: zeshoek (please do not edit)

[140527] [Minwoo’s Facebook] To all the fans who jumped together at M STEP concert, thank you and I love you from the bottom of my heart~ And to all the staff who worked hard together, each and every one of you did a great job^^

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It’s so hot out…# I went to get a haircut without getting too flustered~ The end!


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WHOA Min Woo what kind of dance is this?!